Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pelican Bay Fun

Harrison and I went to Pelican Bay (a small waterpark in Edmond) with a couple of my girlfriends and thier kiddos. He loves the water and had a great time. They have a nice kiddie area with slides and waterfalls. He also climbed on a floating purple dinosaur and loved to jump off. He still has NO fear of the water. Can be good at times, but also dangerous. He kept jumping off the sides and was frustrated with me for trying to catch him and keep him in the shallow end. We ended the day with an orange snowcone. The fun factor must have been high, based on the fact that he fell asleep on the way home with snowcone dripping off his chin. Luckily, I took the cup away from him before he dropped it in his sleep. Thanks girls, it was fun!!

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