Saturday, August 22, 2009

MN Trip - Mmm ice cream

Singing "Go Cubs Go"

Riding bikes with cousins

Enjoying yet another dairy queen visit

Mmmm mmmm mmmm

Kristin, "F", Joe & Harry

"I'll be back!"
Monday night we went to Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy's house for dinner and to play with the cousins. Jamie's boys are just a few years older than Harry and they were so sweet to share thier toys. The boys had fun riding bikes and playing ball. It was nice to watch the boys play like we all used to at that age. Thanks for having us over!
We can't go to Minnesota without taking full advantage of the many Dairy Queens along the way. We must have had a blizzard or ice cream sundae atleast every day. Yum Yum! The Glover's and ice cream go hand in hand. Here's are menu (butterfinger, heath, brownie batter, girl scout cookie-peanut butter cookies, cookie dough, & then you can just repeat that list). Mmmm, you can almost taste it can't you??

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