Sunday, March 29, 2009

S-N-O-W part II

More fun in the snow followed by an ice cream cone. Harrison's never going to want to come home - he's having so much fun!!


We couldn't have picked a better time for me to have surgery. As you can see from the pictures, Harrison is having a great time at Mor Mor's house in Enid. They got around 5 inches of fluffy, white snow. He's having a blast! I'm also glad he's able to make use of the snowboots and jacket. This is really his first time to play in the snow. Mor Mor sent him out to get the paper and then she pulled him around the yard on the sled. Later, Grandpa helped him make a snowman and "Manny" (mom's dog Mattie) pushed Harry in the snow. He has been telling us all about it over the phone. Joe and I are a little jealous that we're missing out on all the fun, but really enjoy hearing the excitment in Harry's voice as he tells us over the phone.

Playtime at Mor Mor's

Coloring on the Chalkboard

1st game of Norwegian Golf

Yeah - 3 points!

Harry Wins!

Harry has been spending some time at Mor Mor & Grandpa's house while Mommy is recovering from her sinus surgery. He's been playing and having so much fun. Great Grandpa F is visiting too, so Harry has learned to play cards now as well. Sounds like they have all been having a great time. We appreciate all the help, kind words, flowers and visits from everyone. Lots of love - Joe and Kristin

Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the Run at the Zoo

Harry made an orange tiger out of his footprint.

Making animal noises while eating his snack.

Of course we had to make an extra stop to see the monkeys.

Riding the elephant statue.

The elephant slide.

Harry had another class at the zoo this morning called "On the Run". Today he learned about animals in the cat family. He learned about tigers and thier stripes and leopards with their spots. He was also able to pet a bunny rabbit before we took a field trip out into the zoo to see the big cats. We also traced his foot on paper and glued some eyes and colored it to make it look like a cat. The snack today was animal crackers and juice in those silly cups you drink from the tails. We had a fun time and will have to sign up again for next month.

Sunny Days...Everything's A OK...

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

Amazed by the show...

Harry & Sophie

I love ELMO!

Harry loves Popcorn!

Joe and I met up with Uncle Chuckie and Sophie at Sesame Street Live last night. The kids, and I must admit the adults too, had a great time. We had wonderful seats and Harry and Sophie were adorable sharing popcorn with each other. They danced and sang along with the songs. The music wasn't too bad, they have made it more urban/hip hop and there were some beetles songs too. Definitely much better than the cheesy Barney, I love you songs. Harry seemed so excited to see all the sesame street characters. And Uncle Chuckie even bought him an ELMO balloon at intermission (The Sesame Street Company definitely knows how to work it to make an extra buck or two). Harry woke up this morning asking for his Elmo Balloon and was talking about all the characters he saw last night. I think his favorites are elmo and cookie monster. It was really a fun time, kinda brought the adults back to our childhood. Come on, we all know the words to Oscar's I love Trash and Ernie's Rubber Ducky.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Too excited to look at the camera

Wonder how long I can get away with just letting him sit on the rides
and not actually putting quarters in it?

Feeding the ducks

This boy loves to swing

Little Maestro
It was another beautiful day in Oklahoma weather, so what is a girl supposed to do? I loaded up my boys and we went to the zoo for the afternoon. It was so nice out and the zoo wasn't very crowded. We were able to spend our time looking at the animals and let Harry run around a bit without worrying about him being trampled. His favorite of course, still the Monkeys. But much to my dislike, the snakes came in a close second - ughh!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Science Museum with Ick & Kiki

Joe and I have been sick with an URI, maybe a little bronchitis too. We haven't been feeling well at all and have decided our mothers can't both go on vacation at the same time. My mom is in MN and Joe's mom went to Rome (must be rough, I know.) Poor sick little us and no one to watch Harry so we can rest and fight these nasty little germs. Well, da da da dahh... Uncle Ick and Aunt Kiki came to save the day! Without us even asking, they jumped in the car after church and picked up Harry for an afternoon of fun at the Omniplex (sorry, it's now called the Science Museum of Oklahoma). I don't really have captions for the pictures but it looks like they all had fun. Harry came home a happy boy with his face painted like a little kitty. Thanks again for giving us some much needed rest! We love you guys!