Friday, August 21, 2009

MN Trip - Walnut Grove

Harry giving his best "Nellie Olsen" face.

My sweet boy in the covered wagon.

Ready to ride...

Taking a break in the little church.

The Walnut Grove jail cell from the late 1800s.

Up to No Good!!

Little red school house

Pretending to teach the class.

Such a good listener!

So many fragrant wildflowers.

On the Banks of Plum Creek.
We spent one day in Walnut Grove exploring the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. We started at Nellie's Cafe (of course food was first on the list). We had a nice home cooked meal and the best homemade cookies and pies for dessert. Yum! Then we were off to the museum. There was a little covered wagon Harry could play on and plenty of room for him to run. We walked through a little church, played in the little school house, saw the sod house, and I even locked the boys up in the Walnut Grove jail cell. There were interesting articles and pictures for us to read and plenty of cool "old" things to look at. We even dipped our feet in plum creek. For all the Laura Ingalls Wilder fans, Harry and Joe (above pic) are standing on the "big rock" that Laura talks about in her books. The one that Mary and Laura would run and jump off into the creek. We had a fun little visit - I'm thinking about entering Joe in the Nellie Olsen look-a-like contest next year...

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