Friday, July 10, 2009

Skee Ball Lessons 101

Baby Corinne sleeping through it all
Grandpa & Harry (Look at all those tickets)


Chuck E Cheese ROCKS!

Dance Dance

Ride the Pony

Shoot for 2

Climbing in the tunnel

Learning Skee Ball from Mor Mor

Went to Chuck E Cheese on Monday with the family and had a great time. Pizza wasn't too bad and we all had the chance to act like a kid again. Harrison used his tickets to buy a baseball (shocker) and then Mor Mor thought he needed the baseball hat too. Good times!


Climbing the bounce slide

Ready or Not

Here I Come

These are the only pictures I managed to get of all the fun we had 4th of July weekend. We went to Uncle Tony and Aunt Wanda's house Friday night for some yummy food, "beverages", and fireworks. Harrison was so excited to see fireworks, he asked about them all day. Then when it was dark enough and he heard the first POW - he was done. He didn't like the loud noises at all. So we went inside and watched them from the upstairs window. Much safer and quieter.
On Saturday morning we went to Sportsman's and played in the pool with Chuck & Cindy's gang. Harrison had lots of fun swinging, splashing and bouncing around. He and Sophie loved climbing up the slide (little Mr & Mrs Independent). Joe, Cindy & I even took them down the BIG tiger slide (I'm talking 2 or 3 stories tall). Kiddos loved it, adults hated the wedgies.
We met up with the whole Glover side of the family for a picnic and some more fun. Tennis, miniature golf, pony rides. A thunderstorm came through and we had to pack up a little earlier than expected, but hey, Harrison was scared of the fireworks anyway.