Thursday, November 26, 2009

Food, Football and FUN!

Thanksgiving Breakfast

Grandma and Harry

Grandma and her "babies"

Glover Thanksgiving Football

Yes, that's my sweet Joe about to catch!

Made a touchdown!!

Harry in awe of Uncle Tony's Viking Spirit

Looking at Christmas Lights in Kingfisher

Sweet smile on his face

Once again we had a very blessed Thanksgiving! We started the day with a yummy breakfast at Grandma Gerry's. The picture of Grandma and her "babies" goes back to the story of Grandma Gerry getting 3 grandbabies (sophie 8-29-06, matt 1-16-07, and harry 2-11-07) in about a 6 month span. Not really babies anymore :( but they sure are having fun growing up together. We are even going to try and get them all on the same soccer team this spring. The Glover's will dominate the field!!
Once our bellies were nice and full, it was off to the park for the annual Glover Football game. As you can see by the pics, this is a BIG family. I'd guess about 30 people playing this year. Harry and I watched from the sidelines and cheered Daddy on (he even scored a touchdown - good job sweetie!)
After the game, everyone went home to clean up...or nap in our case. Then it was off to Uncle Danny's and Aunt Jeannie's for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Lots of great food and fun company. The little ones had fun with the swing set. We all took turns going outside to push each others kids on the swings. It gave Joe and I an idea for Harry's birthday present, mmm....
Later that evening Harry and I met my Mom in Kingfisher to look at the lights. It was neat to see the excitement in his eyes. I think the candy canes along the pathway were his favorite. It was too cold to get out and take pictures or ride the train. Maybe next time. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The leaves are a changing...

Harry and Matt ready for the Nature Walk

Running along the path

My sweet boy :)

A river runs through it...

Me and Harry

Whoa...Harry found a big stick!

Being silly with a rock for a nose

Skipping rocks on the water

Ha Ha Ha

Joe, Jr.
I asked Harrison what he wanted to do today and he said, "go on a nature walk". Not sure where he got the idea, but I thought to myself - OK, I can handle that. So we made a checklist of things to find along our walk - rocks, birds, clouds, leaves, etc. We invited Aunt Christi and cousin Matt to join us at Martin Nature Park. The boys had fun running along the paths and peeking through the fence at the birds and squirrels. We even fed some BIG (ugly) catfish along the bridge. We took a little break on the river bank and skipped some rocks along the water. Fun experience for the boys and somewhat relaxing for the moms :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

Finding Nemo

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Deep Matt & Harry

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see??

Proof we've lived in the South too long...

Christi and I met up at the zoo to let the boys play and "expend" some energy. It was a beautiful day filled with giggles and smiles. I think they had the most fun playing with the bears, but as you can see, the monkeys came in a close second. Oh, and pay attention to the way Harry says "monkey". He's definitely an Oklahoma boy with a southern accent already *sigh*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick or treat...smell my feet

Mean Hockey Face

My Little Devil...

My Big Devil ;)

Honey of a niece, Ava

My hockey players ready for some CANDY

Snow White Sophie and NJ Devil Harry

The good...the bad...and, uh...the pretty??

First time saying "Trick or Treat"

Halloween Parade of Glover's

Starting to get the hang of this candy business

Quick pic with Mom

Taking the easy ride
This was Harrison's first year to better understand Halloween and all the tricks it entails. He LOVED it!! We dressed him up as a New Jersey Devils Hockey player and blacked out one eye. We met up with Uncle Chuck, Aunt Cindy and their girls over at Grandma's house for a little trick or treating. The kids had so much fun knocking on the door and singing, "trick or treat". They made us proud by taking only one piece of candy (usually) and remembering to say, "Thank You". Everyone was well behaved and the evening was filled with sugary smiles :)