Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love you Grandma!!

Squeaky Clean

Sophie's wondering how she got in this mess

Grandma & her babies

Harry swimming on his own in the big pool!!

Proud Mama watching Harry swim alone.

Sophie's not impressed with her cousin's muscles

Such an innocent moment...

Grandma & her little loves

Love you Grandma

Mmmm...chocolate donuts (& pink ones... & sprinkled...)

We had alot of fun with Grandma this past weekend. She came over for a visit and brought a dozen donuts (It was only Harry & I at home but somehow we managed to eat 1/2). Harry asked for a chocolate donut and then decided he needed my pink donut, which was followed by a sprinkled donut. Gotta love it when Grandma visits (no rules with grandma).
Today we went over to Grandma's to swim. Harrison loves the water! He borrowed some arm floaties from Matt, and to my surprise...he was able to swim on his own! *sniff*sniff* My baby is growing into a little boy. Of coarse, still no fear of the water and he was even jumping off the ladder backwards into the pool (and yes, he's only 2). After swimming with the gang, they all got to take a bath in Grandma's BIG bathtub. Lots of new toys and plenty of room to move around. Fun, fun day. Thanks Grandma!!

Fun Fun Fun




Watching money spiral...

The pendelum races

Splashing at the water table (No, that's not Harry in the red)

My little John Deere's

Hooray for the Science Museum!!
Sophie & Ava spent some time with Aunt Christi & I so we decided to take them to the science museum for some energy wearing fun. The kids had a blast and were fairly well behaved. The pictures speak for themselves. Oh, the face painting is courtesy of each individual kiddo. We all had a great time.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

This morning we took the world's best Daddy out for breakfast. Daddy had waffles but I like pancakes. This year I gave Daddy the traditional Father's Day tie, but I also got him the coolest thing ever - a baseball glove!! Now Daddy and I can play catch all day long. I love Baseball! Later in the day, Mommy and I took Daddy to Pelican Bay (a waterpark in Edmond). It was soooo much fun! We played football in the water, rode around in the lazy river, climbed a purple dinosaur, and Daddy even took me down the BIG slide. I loved it. Daddy did something called a "cannonball" off the diving board, but I don't understand why Mommy and Daddy won't let me try it. They said something about it being "too deep", so I had to settle for jumping off the side of the pool instead. By the way, I have no fear in the water - I'm like a shark, well maybe more like Nemo. After swimming, we picked up McDonalds and Daddy and I ate our dinner on the living room floor watching baseball. What a blast! I have the best Daddy and I love him so much!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cookout pics

Chuckie, Sophie, Cindy, Ava, & Papa Chuck

Lucy, Rachel, Bill, Papa Chuck, & Jack

Aunt Cindy playing airplane

Ava playing ball

My Boys!!
We had a fun time tonight hanging out with the family. Great food (thanks for grilling sweetie) and "slightly" competitive yard games. The kids played hard and should all sleep well tonight. I posted some family pics so everyone can see how much the kids are changing. Crazy how the years fly by.

Father's Day Cookout

Sophie making the boys laugh with her "hiccups"

Harry at the bat

The Glover Three

The Boys

Rub - a - dub dub
We had Joe's family over tonight for a cookout and a "friendly" game of croquet. Joe made some tasty burgers & we had root beer floats for dessert. The kids played in the yard, and as you can see, we squished them in the bathtub at the end of the night. Congrats to Chuckie for winning the game and Happy Father's Day Boys - We love you!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Science Museum

Crikey, that crocodile nearly got away!

Harry in the Maze of Mirrors

One man show

Harry The Builder

Road rage at such a young age, tsk tsk
We saw how much fun the science museum could be from Kristin W's blog (rachel's mom), so Harry and I had to try it out. We had an awesome time (sorry sweetie, next time we'll go when you don't have to work). There is so much to do and see. Harrison loved playing with the crocodile's at the water table. I mean, what little boy doesn't like reptile's and splashing water. He also had fun in the mirror maze. He bumped into the wall a couple times and would just laugh and say, "Ow, I bonked my head." Harry and I put on a little puppet show with the 3 little pigs. They have a little stage setup with a camera and TV screen in front so you can see the show. Once Harrison figured out he was on TV, he ditched the puppet and started "hamming" it up. He would jump up and down and laugh and smile and stare at himself. Wonder where he gets it?? (Hmm, I 've caught Joe checking himself in the reflection of a car window numerous times.) Great place, definitely recommend a membership!!

Harry the vegetarian??

Yes, that is MY son eating a leafy green salad. He actually threw a fit at the store, which really kinda made me smile with pride. "I want a salad, I want salad!!" (for those of you who don't remember my eating style - I am strictly a steak and potatoes kinda girl) Awww, makes a Mama proud.

Baby Corinne has arrived!!

Harrison meeting his new cousin

Now the grandkids are twice the fun!

Such a sweet little doll!

Proud Uncle Joe

Sprout has finally arrived! Corinne Emma Jane Savage was born last Saturday at 10:22 am. She weighed a dainty little 6 lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. Proud parents Courtney and Eric are doing great - she's wrapped us all around her little finger. Harrison's only comment about his new cousin was, "she's not scary." Hmmm, I wonder what he's heard about us girls??