Saturday, August 22, 2009

MN Trip - Mall of America

Peeking around Daddy at Nickelodeon Universe

In the Underwater Aquarium

Harry thought this looked like the turtle in Finding Nemo

na na...look what's swimming above us!

Harry petting the starfish

Petting the Horseshoe Crabs (Yuck!)

"Arg...he found me booty."

Riding the big turtle

About to enter the maze of mirrors.

My good looking boys!!

Help! We're lost in the mirror maze.

Playing at Legoland.

Building a tower.

We took Harrison to the Mall of America for Toddler Tuesday. Basically they have special prices and deals for the kiddos. We started in the center of the mall at Nickelodeon Universe (a small amusement park). He went on a couple rides but didn't really seem all that impressed. Even though he's only 2, he had to ride on things without a chaperone because he's kinda tall. That wasn't in Harry's plans, so we decided to scratch that idea and go downstairs to the Underwater Aquarium.
The Aquarium has some neat things to look at and a cool moving walkway to ride on while all the fish swim around (and above you). Harrison was obsessed with finding Nemo, who of course was at the end of the exhibit. We did see sharks, turtles and stingrays which reminded him of the movie too. Harry, with his no fear of water attitude, reached right in to pet the starfish and crabs (yuck, if you ask me). He also played around on the pirate ship and Joe learned about the mating habits of the sawfish. Some geeky emplyoee in the midst of puberty informed Joe that they "put on disco music to get them in the mood, hee hee." Awkward...poor kid.
Next we were off to eat lunch at whichever "kids eat free on toddle tuesday" restraunt we could find. Poor tired Harry fell asleep in his stroller, so we took this opportunity to shop while he napped. We made it to all 4 levels of the mall before he woke up. (awesome, I know) We ate lunch at Twin Cities Grille (yummy food, stupid waiter) and then took Harry to the "Amazing Maze of Mirrors".
There is a maze of mirrors at the Science Museum in OKC that Harrison really enjoys so we thought this would be fun for him too. We had to put on plastic gloves so our fingers wouldn't smudge the mirrors and ruin it for someone else. It was pretty fun and we only "bonked our heads", as Harry says, on the mirrors a couple times. There was rocking music and some sweet disco lights (hmm..maybe that's where they take the sawfish?) Harry finally helped Mommy and Daddy find their way out of the maze. Good times.
Lastly, we stopped by Legoland for a little more "free" play. Harry and Joe played with the blocks and made towers. We looked at all the big, fancy things that were made out of legos - dinosaurs, birds, clocks, storm troopers... It was really cool.
After the long day, we had to drive downtown to check out the Twins new stadium - Target Field. It is huge! Looks really cool and we can't wait until it's finished.

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