Friday, August 28, 2009

Lauryn's Birthday Party

Jordan, Kate, Lauryn, Harry
Harry's girlfriend "Kater"

Lauryn the birthday girl

Harrison & the ladies

Cousin Sophie was there too!
It's official, my baby is growing up. He was invited to his first friend's birthday party. Harry has met lots of new friends at his daycare, Ms Roxi's. We hear about his friends every night and what they did all day. We'll ask him, "Harry, what did you do at Ms Roxi's today?" His response, "I played with my friends. I played cars with Carter. I gave Kater a hug. Played in the sandbox with Caden." and so on and so on. Very cute to hear his stories. Then when he says his prayers he includes EVERYONE at Ms Roxi's too. "And God bless Ms Roxi, Ms Susan, Lauryn, Carter, Caden, Jordan, Kater, and Sadie and Scoobey(the dogs)". Anyway, back to the point that I have realized my precious baby is turning into a sweet little boy, not so dependent on me -he has friends of his own.
Sooo, since Joe takes Harry to and from daycare, I never really get to meet his friends and their parents. It was nice to socialize with some adults and meet the kids Harry is talking so wonderfully about. He's always telling me about his "Sweetieheart" Kate (although he usually calls her Kater) Wow, I guess if I'm going to be replaced as his love, I guess atleast it's by another cute blonde :)

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