Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MN Trip - F's Party

Rock Dell Church
Just a swinging

"F" laughing over his plastic Patty doll

Sweet baby Corinne

Lovin the root beer float

On the playground

There's a Giraffe on the miniature golf course

loves the giraffe

ready to play golf

hole in one!

Harrison "Tiger" Glover

We all went to church at Rock Dell with Grampa on his "party day". Such a pretty old church out in the country. That afternoon we held his 85th Birthday "Roast" at the park in Belview. Some great memories and laughs were shared. He even received a "Plastic Patty" doll by some of his card playing buddies. What a hoot!!
We had yummy food and once again the root beer keg was a favorite. We also played miniature golf with Harry at the park. He was actually pretty good and seemed to have a good time. The party was a success and it was fun to see all the people who love F as much as we do.

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