Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Ride the pony...ride the pony

oooh, tigers

Enjoying his 1st taste of cotton candy

Elephants from the kindergarten class -
they're just babies learning the tricks of the trade.

Still loving that cotton candy

We took Harry to his first Circus yesterday with his cousin Matt. He loved the pony ride and really wanted to check out that elephant ride but Mommy thought he was too small. Harry had his first (and second and third) taste of Cotton Candy. Joe and I didn't remember it being so sticky when we were younger. We all had a fun time but had to leave at intermission when the boys were getting a little tired. We saw elephants, horses, tigers, jugglers, high wire acts, oh yeah, and the clowns. We missed out on the monkeys and the guy being shot out of the cannon, but we had to let the boys go home and nap. It was really cool to witness it all with Harry. The excitement and innocence in a child is awesome.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We've had a fun Valentine's weekend. Saturday Harry and I went to a class at the zoo for toddlers called "High Fliers". He had so much fun. He learned about animals that fly, feathers, and wings. They brought in a tawny (some name I can't remember) bird from Australia. It was probably 8- 10 lbs and shades of gray/brown. It was really cool to see a bigger bird up close. Then we had a snack of goldfish crackers and juice in animal cups that you have to drink from the tail. Harry loved the monkey cup. Then they did a little craft of gluing feathers onto a paper bird. After we cleaned up the feathers, it was time for a story followed by a fun little "bluebird" game.
My "Sweetiehearts", as Harry calls it, gave me some pretty purple tulips for Valentine's. I just love tulips, and my boys! Joe and I went out for dinner and saw a movie while Harry spent the night at Mor Mor's. Harry got a Lucky Ducks game, a baseball glove & ball, a book, and a kite for Valentine's Day. Not to mention all the valentine's and candy he got from his friends at Ms Roxi's and Ms Susan's. It was really cute to see his little valentine box and he would say the names of his friends as we pulled the valentines out. Oh, big surprise here, Harry gave out Cars Valentine's and brought rice krispie treats. I dyed the marshmallows pink and cut the treats out into little hearts. Very cute, or so I thought, until Joe made fun of me and said Harry's friends would say, "Oh look, Harry brought little pink hearts, ahhh...." I thought they were cute and tasty too - I use extra marshmallows and butter. It's not like Valentine's Day is a masculine holiday anyway.
gluing feathers on a bird

drinking juice from the monkey's tail

pretty purple tulips

my little lovebug

Won't you be my Valentine?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harry's 2 years old!

Blowing out the candles.

Taking Elmo for a spin.

Playing baseball with Daddy.

Little Rookie

Harrison is officially 2 years old. He has grown up so quickly. We celebrated his birthday with his birthday meal of macaroni and cheese (I made it with tire wheel pasta just for the b-day boy) and ham and peas. After a lovely dinner with both Grandmas, we topped off the evening with birthday cupcakes. Yum Yum. Harry got to blow out the candles again and he did magnificently. We spent the day playing and hanging out with family. Harry did have his 2 yr check up with Dr Berry today. He weighs 29 lbs and measures 34 1/4. He has averaged out on his height and caught up to average on his weight. He's smack dab in the 50th percentile. He seems advanced with his verbal skills (very intelligent, from me I'm sure) and Dr Berry was impressed with his sleeping. He sleeps 11 or 12 hours at night with a 2 hour nap during the day in his "big boy bed". We don't have trouble keeping him in his bed but he definitely challenges us in other ways. Not planning on attempting the potty training anytime soon. He just doesn't seem ready or interested. Everything seems to be going well. We just can't believe our little baby is now a toddler turning into a preschooler. CRAZY...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks for the Presents!

Lots of cool clothes

His First Tricycle

Harry's desk in the office

All these toys!

Taking a break from Baseball to talk on the phone

Harrison received so many wonderful gifts for his birthday this year. Lots of cool toys and fun clothes. He's been busy playing with them all day. The weather has been nice so he can ride his bike and play baseball outside. (Not so sure I want to encourage baseball in the house. I've heard stories of Joe and his brother's breaking windows in their house growing up.) He got a couple of books that are his new favorites. We've read them so many times today that I think Joe and I already have them memorized. He got some cars and trucks, the Horton movie, Handy Manny, some cool sportswear, and lots of stickers. Thanks again to everyone for helping us celebrate our baby's 2nd Birthday (he'll always be my baby anyway)

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party

Lightning McQueen Balloon

Cars Cupcakes

Playing with the decorations

Opening presents

Such a fun birthday party!
We celebrated Harrison's 2nd birthday this weekend with a Cars themed party. He loved the Lightning McQueen balloons Daddy bought and Mommy's cupcakes were cute and tasty. Harry had so much fun spending time with family. It was a beautiful day so Harry was able to share his toys in the backyard with his cousins. Let's just say there was a lot of sand IN my house by the time the day was over. That's part of the joy of being a kid though. We sang Happy Birthday to Harry and I was surprised he was able to blow his candles out with one blow. Way to go Buddy! I guess it helps that Uncle Ick had already showed you how to blow the seeds of a dandelion (or whatever those puffy white balls are called, hmmm, maybe clovers?)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Handsome Harry

The sweet little family that I love so much!

Such an innocent little boy...

"Heisman Harry"

Me and the boys

Harrison's 2 year pictures
We went to Portrait Innovations today for some family photos and to take Harry's 2 year pictures. He was very well behaved and loved playing football with the photographer. We figured out the best way to make him smile was for Daddy to pretend like he was sneezing. Harry would then repeat Joe with an, "Ah, Ah, Ah-choo!" and a sweet little giggle. It was adorable and the photographer was litterally laying on the ground laughing. She asked for permission to use his pictures for promotions so we'll see, maybe he'll make good use of those adorable dimples after all.