Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MN Trip - On The Farm

Driving the Combine

Riding Tricycles

Climbing on the tractors

Playing on the ATV with Javin (Cousin Jamie's youngest)

Great Grandpa "F" & Harry

Learning the art of croquet

No high sticking allowed!!

We went to Minnesota last month for my Grandpa's ("F" to Harry) 85th Birthday Celebration. We left Friday late afternoon and drove to York, Nebraska (halfway, about 6 hours). Harrison did great and just got a little cranky towards the end when he cried, "I want to sleep, Mommy help me sleep!" Poor guy was soo tired but couldn't quite get comfortable in his car seat. So I hopped into the backseat and stroked his hair and sang him a song until he drifted off to sleep.
That night in the hotel was the first time Harry had ever slept in the same bed as Joe and I. At one point, Joe woke up to find Harry's feet on him and his head on the small of my back. Very sweet for me, but Joe got the stinky restless feet on his end. We ate breakfast with Courtney & Eric and Miss Corinne who also made the trek up north. Then it was time to hit the road again. After another 6 hours and a little detour via "Stella" the GPS (Thanks again Christi & AJ) we made it Belview, Minnesota.
We went out to the farm the first night and my Uncle Larry and Aunt Edi treated us to a wonderful cookout. Harrison loves the farm!! Tractors, Barns, ATVs, dirt...what more could a little boy ask for? Joe even participated in a "friendly" (and I use that term loosely) game of croquet. He even showed Harry how to play. It was nice to catch up with all the family and see all the new babies (we're all at about that age).
Before Larry put the combine in the barn, he took Harry and I for a ride. He even asked Harry if he wanted to drive, which he quickly put his hand (yes hand, just one) on the steering wheel. He drove the combine for all of about 2 seconds. Thanks again Larry for taking us out, we had a fun time.

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