Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Crawling through the "cave crawl".

Climbing towards the big slide without even looking back.


Playing in the ball pit.

Where's Harrison?

It's been raining and actually flooding in Oklahoma so Harry and I were looking for some indoor fun. We ended up going to the Playzone at Dynamo Gymnastics. He had so much fun climbing and crawling all over everything. I think the slide and the ball pit were his favorites.

Tiger Safari

Needing a little persuasion from Mom.

Catching a ride with a turtle.

Riding a turtle is such hard work, better refuel.

Yes, the only thing separating Harrison and I from this tiger was a chain link fence.

Successful trip! Harrison and his friend Rylee fell asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot.

Harrison and I went with his daycare to the Tiger Safari in Tuttle. He seemed to have fun interacting with the animals. There was a little petting zoo where he was able to feed corn flakes to llamas, goats, and some other stinky furry animals. After a little prompting, he rode on the back of a turtle. We saw snakes (ehhh) bengal tigers, white tigers, lions, and bears. After the safari we had a picnic lunch and then headed off to the car. As you can see by the last picture, the tiger safari was a success. We had sleepy babies which makes for happy Mommies.