Sunday, May 18, 2008

Water Babies

Blowing Bubbles


Yea! I went under water!

Harrison and I have been going to a Water Babies class once a week. He loves it! He is learning to kick, float, blow bubbles, and hold his breath under water. He's definitely ready for summer.

Water, Water

Harry & Cousin Matt

"I think it's two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule." "Hmmm, that's right - H2O"

Ruby thinks it's a giant water dish.

Little Joe

Grandma Jane found this water table and it is a dream come true for a little boy. Harry loves to splash, so much that he gets soaked from head to toe. Matt seems to enjoy it too. He is Joe's sister's little boy who is 1 month older than Harry. They have become the best of friends.

Our Spikey Haired Guy

What a Cutie!

My Boys

Mommy & Harry

Harrison is growing up so fast that we thought we'd give this "blog" thing a try. We plan to keep posting pictures and updates so our family and friends can enjoy life through our little boy's eyes.