Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Ride the pony...ride the pony

oooh, tigers

Enjoying his 1st taste of cotton candy

Elephants from the kindergarten class -
they're just babies learning the tricks of the trade.

Still loving that cotton candy

We took Harry to his first Circus yesterday with his cousin Matt. He loved the pony ride and really wanted to check out that elephant ride but Mommy thought he was too small. Harry had his first (and second and third) taste of Cotton Candy. Joe and I didn't remember it being so sticky when we were younger. We all had a fun time but had to leave at intermission when the boys were getting a little tired. We saw elephants, horses, tigers, jugglers, high wire acts, oh yeah, and the clowns. We missed out on the monkeys and the guy being shot out of the cannon, but we had to let the boys go home and nap. It was really cool to witness it all with Harry. The excitement and innocence in a child is awesome.

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