Sunday, March 1, 2009

Science Museum with Ick & Kiki

Joe and I have been sick with an URI, maybe a little bronchitis too. We haven't been feeling well at all and have decided our mothers can't both go on vacation at the same time. My mom is in MN and Joe's mom went to Rome (must be rough, I know.) Poor sick little us and no one to watch Harry so we can rest and fight these nasty little germs. Well, da da da dahh... Uncle Ick and Aunt Kiki came to save the day! Without us even asking, they jumped in the car after church and picked up Harry for an afternoon of fun at the Omniplex (sorry, it's now called the Science Museum of Oklahoma). I don't really have captions for the pictures but it looks like they all had fun. Harry came home a happy boy with his face painted like a little kitty. Thanks again for giving us some much needed rest! We love you guys!

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Kristin & Co. said...

Okay, K, time to change your font color to the pictures, but can't read a dern thing.