Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks for the Presents!

Lots of cool clothes

His First Tricycle

Harry's desk in the office

All these toys!

Taking a break from Baseball to talk on the phone

Harrison received so many wonderful gifts for his birthday this year. Lots of cool toys and fun clothes. He's been busy playing with them all day. The weather has been nice so he can ride his bike and play baseball outside. (Not so sure I want to encourage baseball in the house. I've heard stories of Joe and his brother's breaking windows in their house growing up.) He got a couple of books that are his new favorites. We've read them so many times today that I think Joe and I already have them memorized. He got some cars and trucks, the Horton movie, Handy Manny, some cool sportswear, and lots of stickers. Thanks again to everyone for helping us celebrate our baby's 2nd Birthday (he'll always be my baby anyway)

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Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Harry!!