Sunday, February 8, 2009

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party

Lightning McQueen Balloon

Cars Cupcakes

Playing with the decorations

Opening presents

Such a fun birthday party!
We celebrated Harrison's 2nd birthday this weekend with a Cars themed party. He loved the Lightning McQueen balloons Daddy bought and Mommy's cupcakes were cute and tasty. Harry had so much fun spending time with family. It was a beautiful day so Harry was able to share his toys in the backyard with his cousins. Let's just say there was a lot of sand IN my house by the time the day was over. That's part of the joy of being a kid though. We sang Happy Birthday to Harry and I was surprised he was able to blow his candles out with one blow. Way to go Buddy! I guess it helps that Uncle Ick had already showed you how to blow the seeds of a dandelion (or whatever those puffy white balls are called, hmmm, maybe clovers?)

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