Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

We've had a fun Valentine's weekend. Saturday Harry and I went to a class at the zoo for toddlers called "High Fliers". He had so much fun. He learned about animals that fly, feathers, and wings. They brought in a tawny (some name I can't remember) bird from Australia. It was probably 8- 10 lbs and shades of gray/brown. It was really cool to see a bigger bird up close. Then we had a snack of goldfish crackers and juice in animal cups that you have to drink from the tail. Harry loved the monkey cup. Then they did a little craft of gluing feathers onto a paper bird. After we cleaned up the feathers, it was time for a story followed by a fun little "bluebird" game.
My "Sweetiehearts", as Harry calls it, gave me some pretty purple tulips for Valentine's. I just love tulips, and my boys! Joe and I went out for dinner and saw a movie while Harry spent the night at Mor Mor's. Harry got a Lucky Ducks game, a baseball glove & ball, a book, and a kite for Valentine's Day. Not to mention all the valentine's and candy he got from his friends at Ms Roxi's and Ms Susan's. It was really cute to see his little valentine box and he would say the names of his friends as we pulled the valentines out. Oh, big surprise here, Harry gave out Cars Valentine's and brought rice krispie treats. I dyed the marshmallows pink and cut the treats out into little hearts. Very cute, or so I thought, until Joe made fun of me and said Harry's friends would say, "Oh look, Harry brought little pink hearts, ahhh...." I thought they were cute and tasty too - I use extra marshmallows and butter. It's not like Valentine's Day is a masculine holiday anyway.
gluing feathers on a bird

drinking juice from the monkey's tail

pretty purple tulips

my little lovebug

Won't you be my Valentine?

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