Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Science Museum

Crikey, that crocodile nearly got away!

Harry in the Maze of Mirrors

One man show

Harry The Builder

Road rage at such a young age, tsk tsk
We saw how much fun the science museum could be from Kristin W's blog (rachel's mom), so Harry and I had to try it out. We had an awesome time (sorry sweetie, next time we'll go when you don't have to work). There is so much to do and see. Harrison loved playing with the crocodile's at the water table. I mean, what little boy doesn't like reptile's and splashing water. He also had fun in the mirror maze. He bumped into the wall a couple times and would just laugh and say, "Ow, I bonked my head." Harry and I put on a little puppet show with the 3 little pigs. They have a little stage setup with a camera and TV screen in front so you can see the show. Once Harrison figured out he was on TV, he ditched the puppet and started "hamming" it up. He would jump up and down and laugh and smile and stare at himself. Wonder where he gets it?? (Hmm, I 've caught Joe checking himself in the reflection of a car window numerous times.) Great place, definitely recommend a membership!!

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