Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

This morning we took the world's best Daddy out for breakfast. Daddy had waffles but I like pancakes. This year I gave Daddy the traditional Father's Day tie, but I also got him the coolest thing ever - a baseball glove!! Now Daddy and I can play catch all day long. I love Baseball! Later in the day, Mommy and I took Daddy to Pelican Bay (a waterpark in Edmond). It was soooo much fun! We played football in the water, rode around in the lazy river, climbed a purple dinosaur, and Daddy even took me down the BIG slide. I loved it. Daddy did something called a "cannonball" off the diving board, but I don't understand why Mommy and Daddy won't let me try it. They said something about it being "too deep", so I had to settle for jumping off the side of the pool instead. By the way, I have no fear in the water - I'm like a shark, well maybe more like Nemo. After swimming, we picked up McDonalds and Daddy and I ate our dinner on the living room floor watching baseball. What a blast! I have the best Daddy and I love him so much!

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