Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love you Grandma!!

Squeaky Clean

Sophie's wondering how she got in this mess

Grandma & her babies

Harry swimming on his own in the big pool!!

Proud Mama watching Harry swim alone.

Sophie's not impressed with her cousin's muscles

Such an innocent moment...

Grandma & her little loves

Love you Grandma

Mmmm...chocolate donuts (& pink ones... & sprinkled...)

We had alot of fun with Grandma this past weekend. She came over for a visit and brought a dozen donuts (It was only Harry & I at home but somehow we managed to eat 1/2). Harry asked for a chocolate donut and then decided he needed my pink donut, which was followed by a sprinkled donut. Gotta love it when Grandma visits (no rules with grandma).
Today we went over to Grandma's to swim. Harrison loves the water! He borrowed some arm floaties from Matt, and to my surprise...he was able to swim on his own! *sniff*sniff* My baby is growing into a little boy. Of coarse, still no fear of the water and he was even jumping off the ladder backwards into the pool (and yes, he's only 2). After swimming with the gang, they all got to take a bath in Grandma's BIG bathtub. Lots of new toys and plenty of room to move around. Fun, fun day. Thanks Grandma!!

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Kerri said...

Gee wiz Harry...I coulda helped out with the other 6 donuts...give me a call next time :)