Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tummy Bug 2009 Update

Harry put cars on the drawer handles and told them to, "sit cars"

A close up of Harry's garage

His "cheese" face

Well, after sleeping 40 hours (yes, you heard that right 40) Harry is starting to feel better today. His fever is down and he is starting to eat little things like half a banana or a few bites of applesauce. He's actually been up a little bit playing and coloring. Huge improvement from the last couple days. I definitely think he would have ended up in the hospital if Joe and I hadn't been so diligent about keeping his fever under control and keeping him hydrated. He showed some signs of dehydration : rapid heartbeat (168), extremely tired/groggy, only 1 wet diaper in 24 hours, dry lips, fever. But, kudos to us for being such awesome parents! We're so glad to see that sparkle in his eyes and that precious smile back on his face. Harry was very happy to have Grandma stop in to check on him today as well. Thanks again to everyone for calling and sending little prayers our way.

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