Saturday, May 16, 2009

Playtime with Sophie

Yummy Popsicles
Just chillin

Play Ball

Running through the sprinklers

Splish Splash

Harry's cousin Sophie came over to play yesterday afternoon. It was actually a sunny day for once in Oklahoma so they were able to play in the water outside. (Don't pay attention to the weeds in the yard. We've had ALOT of rain so Joe has been slacking on the weed control and mowing duties.) Anyway, Harry showed Sophie how to hit the baseball off the tee and she was actually really good (must get that from her Daddy, right Chuck?) They ate popsicles and played in the sandbox. Seems like they had a fun day! And as always, our fun meter is determined by how early Harry will go to bed - 45 minutes earlier, Yeah for playtime with Sophie!!

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Kristin and Co. said...

You know, my first thought was that Sophie is all Glover in the face. My next thought was she looks like Lucy, who I had thought looked like Kristy more than Bill, but now I see Glover all over again. Man, those Glover genetics are hard to beat.