Friday, May 29, 2009

Gotta Love Mom's Day!!

Made a pretty flower for Mommy

My little "sweetie -heart"


Mother's Day 2009
I can't believe the month of May is almost over!! We've had a fun month. For Mother's Day, Joe took me out for a night downtown. We had dinner at a nice Italian place, Trattoria's , and then we saw the Broadway play - The Lion King. It was AWESOME! We had seats in the orchestra by the aisle so all the animals walked right by. It was so cool.
Harrison made a really cute card with his handprint and a picture. The boys also gave me a stone for the garden with Harry's handprints and some tile. Very nice! Harry made a pretty little planter with a little pink flower (He knows I love pink!) Actually, he has learned that if I'm busy around the house he can usually get me to play with him by bribing me with something pink. It's just too cute. For example...
H- Mama, mama...want to color?
K - No buddy, mommy's making dinner.
H - Mama, mama...want to color?
K - Not right now, Mommy's busy.
This goes on a few more times before he gets up and walks over to me. He puts his sweet little hand on my leg and says, "Mama, want to color with the pink?" He just looks straight into my eyes to my heart - how can I resist those baby blues.

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