Friday, May 1, 2009

Poor Little Sick Guy

not feeling so well...

Eating a few bites of a Pedialyte Popsicle

Poor little Harry has caught some stomach bug. He woke us up in the middle of the night to tell us "Harry burped", which we now understand to be "barfed" in toddler language. We all had a rough night - between Harry's upset stomach, trying to comfort him, cleaning the floors, and doing 3 loads of laundry - nobody got much sleep.
He has spent the majority of the day laying on the ground or rocking in the chair with me. He just moans and can't seem to get comfortable. He is really breaking our hearts. He's just not feeling well at all. He lifted his shirt and pointed to his belly button and said, "my belly hurts". He is on some anti-nausea meds and tylenol for the fever - the diarhhea will just have to run it's course. As long as his fever doesn't stay consistently high and I can keep getting some sips of fluid in him, we won't have to go to the hospital. Poor little guy! Please say a prayer for our little buddy's speedy recovery.


The Vaughn Family said...

We are saying prayers for you all.

Kristin and Co. said...

Yuck, yuck, yuck. I hate, with a passion, middle of the night puke. That is something they need to work into those pretend babies that the teenagers have to take care of for a week...revolting curdled milk. And chunks of something disgusting. Birth control, baby.