Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the Run at the Zoo

Harry made an orange tiger out of his footprint.

Making animal noises while eating his snack.

Of course we had to make an extra stop to see the monkeys.

Riding the elephant statue.

The elephant slide.

Harry had another class at the zoo this morning called "On the Run". Today he learned about animals in the cat family. He learned about tigers and thier stripes and leopards with their spots. He was also able to pet a bunny rabbit before we took a field trip out into the zoo to see the big cats. We also traced his foot on paper and glued some eyes and colored it to make it look like a cat. The snack today was animal crackers and juice in those silly cups you drink from the tails. We had a fun time and will have to sign up again for next month.

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Rachelle said...

what a little cutie!