Thursday, December 25, 2008


Opening his stocking - cars, play doh, stickers, books

More trucks & fire engines


Harry and his "Horsey"
Harrison's "BIG" Christmas present
Merry Christmas! We've had a blessed morning in the Glover house. Harrison had so much fun opening presents this morning. This boy absolutely can't get enough cars and trucks. He also got the new Elmo that sings songs and tell jokes and stories. It's a little robot that interacts with Harry. He gave him a hug and carried him around the house (I guess that means he likes it). But his big present from Santa Claus has been the real hit. He saw the horse by the tree this morning and said "Horsey". He just says "Yee Haw" and rides the horse. We'll have to buy him some boots and a cowboy hat. Hope everyone is having as much fun today as Harry is - love you all!

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