Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Modeling the entrance/exit to his "new" bed

Sleeping like a big boy

Harry's Big Boy Bed
Well, over the holiday season, Harrison climbed out of the pack and play at Grandma's (several times) and decided to try it in his own crib when we got home. No surprise to us, he was able to climb out of his crib and happily greeted me at his door. We decided it was time to transition Harry's crib to the toddler bed. He has taken to it very well. He seems so proud about his "big boy bed" and has been sleeping well for the last 4 days. For being such a "high needs" baby, he sure has made some things easy on us. For example, he gave up the pacifier on his own, he was a snap to wean off breastfeeding, it took me about 2 days to realize he hadn't had a bottle so we were done with that as well. Now he always has been a good sleeper and slept through the night, I guess I just expected more of a battle of the wills with his newfound freedom. Maybe Joe and I are doing something right with this little, eh....cherub.

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ladybugokc said...

I love your new Big Boy Bed!

I guess now the thing to tackle Kristin is potty training! If that goes smoothly for you, then call me and give me some tips. please!