Saturday, December 6, 2008

Harrison's Surgery

Coloring at the desk the night before

Yummy Chocolate Pudding

Silly Harry

Feeling so much better!
Harrison had another set of tubes placed in his ears and his adenoids removed yesterday. He is doing well and seems to be feeling a lot better. He had a little versed (conscious sedation) before his surgery and he just giggled and smiled. It was quite entertaining for Joe and myself. The surgery was very quick, he was probably gone for about 30 minutes. He was very upset and inconsolable afterwards. We weren't sure if it was from the anesthesia or if he was in pain, so he got a little dose of fentanyl to help calm him down. That was the hardest part for us. Joe and I just took turns holding him, rocking him, even crying with him. It was rough to see our baby in so much distress. The fentanyl seemed to help. He slept on my chest for about 30 minutes and then started to arouse. The nurse took out his IV and let us take him home. (Props to everyone at Mercy, they were wonderful!) He was cranky the whole way home and then Joe rocked him to sleep when we got here. He slept for a few hours and then woke up ready for lunch. He was playful and seemed to have his normal appetite. As you can tell by the last picture, he feels like his old self again. We wanted to give him a treat so he had some McDonalds french fries (a fave) and then he spent some time entertaining us with the bag on his head. Very funny!

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