Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Party

Daddy and Harry making ornaments.

Picking out a present.

He chose a Christmas Puppy!

Mommy & Harry modeling the Santa Hat.

His first visit on Santa's lap - kinda scary.

Mercy had the Children's Christmas Party today and since Harry was feeling great, we decided to introduce him to Santa Claus. Although he thought Santa was a little scary(OK a lot scary, he jumped off his lap and ran to Daddy's arms crying) he did however enjoy the candy cane from Old St Nick. We also made a gingerbread man and a Jolly ornament. Harrison also made a Santa hat, that much to our surprise, he wore most of the day. They had some Christmas games and you could even write a letter to Santa. Harry won some stickers (with Daddy's help) throwing balls at a stack of presents and knocking them over. At the end of the party he was allowed to pick one present. Joe and I tried to push the frog or lion, but no, Harry picked out the puppy dog. Puppies are OK, but that's really all he has. We wanted something different. I guess it is his present after all.

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