Friday, December 11, 2009

Third times a charm, right?!?

Playing with the farm animals in the waiting room

Pacing in the room waiting his turn

Such a cute little patient

Almost ready to go

Quick snuggle from Daddy

Mmm...a candy cane!

and a puppy on a leash, thanks Mor Mor!
Friday morning Harrison had surgery for his THIRD (yes, 3rd) set of eustachian tubes. He did awesome!! We had to be there at 6 so he was a little tired and hungry but was such a good boy. He played with his toys and we read books until it was his turn. We just told him Dr Richards was going to look in his ears again and make them all better. He walked back to the OR with the nurse and looked absolutely adorable in his little patient gown and slippers and his Cubbies blanket thrown over his shoulder. He smiled at us and waved as the doors shut, melted our hearts.
The whole procedure took about 10 minutes and they carried his sleepy self back to us and let us hold him while he woke up. Thank God he didn't have to go recovery. It was so much more pleasant for him to wake up in our arms. He was a little whiney and groggy, but we got him dressed and were home by 8:30. Of course Daddy stopped and got the poor boy a donut, he hadn't eaten anything since dinner the night before :)
Dr Richards said he was the best patient of all time. He said Harry waved at him when he got to the OR and just kinda looked at the pillow they told him to lay his head on and shrugged his shoulders like, OK, and laid down. I can just see the look on his sweet little face. Good thing we had the tubes placed again since both ears were still infected and we had just finished the antibiotics 2 days prior.
Harry bounced back quickly and his been so happy today. He is definitely feeling better and probably enjoying the spoiling from us. Mor Mor sent him a candy cane (a favorite) and a little puppy that barks and walks. Thanks again to all for the prayers and well wishes. It truley means alot to us.

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