Sunday, December 13, 2009

Harry's Christmas Party

Caden & Harry saying CHEESE!

Santa just walked in the room

Not so sure about this Santa guy

OK...Santa's not that scary.

Santa and all Harry's friends

Santa gave him a recorder (Thanks Santa)

The 3 Musketeers - Harry, Caden and Carter

Opening presents

A Fire Engine - Thanks Lexi!!

ROAR! A dinosaur from Ms Roxi and Mrs Susan.

Harry showing off his dinosaur to his girlfriend Kate.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Saturday was the Christmas Party with Harrison's daycare. He had a great time, heck Joe and I even had alot of fun. It was so fun to see him play with his friends and actually put faces to the names we hear every night in his prayers. It was also amazing to see our kid actually listen and follow directions from Ms Roxi (love her!!)
As you can see, Harrison was still a little skeptical of Santa but he pulled it together and sat on his lap. We ate lots of yummy food and even had Birthday cake for baby Jesus. Harry got a cool fire engine and a dinosaur that walks and roars. It was really fun!

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