Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Finally Christmas!!

Gifts from Santa
Oh Wow..a Big Wheel

We had a crazy Christmas this year...thanks to the Blizzard of '09, nothing went according to plan. I got stuck at the hospital (can't abandon sick babies) and stayed the night at "Hotel Mercy". Joe finally made it home from work after 4 1/2 hrs of driving and pushing other cars. His car got stuck in our heighborhood and he walked the rest of the way home :( Harrison stayed the night at Uncle Chuck & Aunt Cindy's. We can't thank them enough for taking him in as one of their own and giving him a wonderful Christmas, Santa Claus and all. So, we finally all made it together around noon on Christmas Day. Joe and I decided to just pretend it was Christmas morning when Harrison woke up from his nap that afternoon.
Sooooo...after his nap, Harrison came into the living room to see what Santa had brought for him. He was so excited to see the Big Wheel that he hopped right on and started riding around the living room. He opened present after present and as you can tell from the pics, his energy started to fade. We definitely over did it yet again. But hey, he's our only child so we have to spoil him :) Here are some of the presents he received this year - Preschool Board Games, Toy Story figures, Cars & Racetracks, Little Einsteins Rocket, Musical Keyboard, Football, and of course, candy and popcorn (a few of his faves).

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