Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick or treat...smell my feet

Mean Hockey Face

My Little Devil...

My Big Devil ;)

Honey of a niece, Ava

My hockey players ready for some CANDY

Snow White Sophie and NJ Devil Harry

The good...the bad...and, uh...the pretty??

First time saying "Trick or Treat"

Halloween Parade of Glover's

Starting to get the hang of this candy business

Quick pic with Mom

Taking the easy ride
This was Harrison's first year to better understand Halloween and all the tricks it entails. He LOVED it!! We dressed him up as a New Jersey Devils Hockey player and blacked out one eye. We met up with Uncle Chuck, Aunt Cindy and their girls over at Grandma's house for a little trick or treating. The kids had so much fun knocking on the door and singing, "trick or treat". They made us proud by taking only one piece of candy (usually) and remembering to say, "Thank You". Everyone was well behaved and the evening was filled with sugary smiles :)

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