Thursday, November 12, 2009

The leaves are a changing...

Harry and Matt ready for the Nature Walk

Running along the path

My sweet boy :)

A river runs through it...

Me and Harry

Whoa...Harry found a big stick!

Being silly with a rock for a nose

Skipping rocks on the water

Ha Ha Ha

Joe, Jr.
I asked Harrison what he wanted to do today and he said, "go on a nature walk". Not sure where he got the idea, but I thought to myself - OK, I can handle that. So we made a checklist of things to find along our walk - rocks, birds, clouds, leaves, etc. We invited Aunt Christi and cousin Matt to join us at Martin Nature Park. The boys had fun running along the paths and peeking through the fence at the birds and squirrels. We even fed some BIG (ugly) catfish along the bridge. We took a little break on the river bank and skipped some rocks along the water. Fun experience for the boys and somewhat relaxing for the moms :)

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