Friday, October 30, 2009

St Charles Halloween Carnival

Frisbee Throw


Football Throw

He actually made it!!

Ring Toss

Didn't want to sit still for a picture with mom

Looking up to dear old dad

Climbing the BIG slide

Catching some AIR!!
We took Harry to the carnival at our Church this year and he had an awesome time! He loved looking at all the people in Halloween costumes (he was a NJ Devils Hockey player). There were plenty of carnival games for him to play and he was actually very good at them. He made us very proud when he would throw the ball. Several comments about his great aim from the volunteers. We had dinner and played games for hours. He won lots of candy, soda, and toys. Definitely will go back next year. It was also nice for Joe and I to see the school and classrooms, since this is an option for school in a couple years.

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