Monday, October 20, 2008

Minnesota Trip

Catching a ride on Uncle Eric's shoulders

My first Dairy Queen experience...mmm...Dilly Bars...

"Crunch" the MN Timberwolves mascot

Aunt Courtney and Harry on the slide

Mommy and Harry at cousin Jodie's Wedding

Harry and I joined Eric and Courtney for the long, long, long car ride (think12 hours) to Minnnesota. Eric drove some of it at night so Harrison mostly slept. He traveled very well. He spent the majority of the time doing 3 things - 1) Eating 2) Sleeping or 3)Watching Curious Buddies on DVD. We all know the songs by heart now. He didn't fuss nearly as much as I thought he would. We had a bag packed full of new toys or as we like to say "shiny things to distract him." Needless to say, we made frequent stops to let him stretch his legs. We had picnics at rest areas so he could run around. Uncle Eric, or "Ick" as Harry says, swung him around and showed him the joy of blowing those white, puff dandelion weed things. He thought it was pretty cool how they flew across the air. Aunt Courtney, or "Kiki" to Harry, played on the swings and the slide to help him burn off some energy.
Oh yes, Harrison enjoyed his first bites of a DQ Blizzard. Yum Yum. We even gave him his own Dilly Bar at one of our stops. He loved it. We also ran into a couple of the MN Timberwolves signing autographs at the Mankato Mall. Harry had his picture taken with the mascot, a couple of the ladies, and Sebastian Telfair & Craig Smith. The picture with the ladies was for Daddy since he had to work and couldn't make it on our little adventure.
Jodie's Wedding was beautiful. It was outside in a park with the beautiful MN scenery and fall leaves. Very nice. It was also good to see everyone and introduce them to Harry. He was a hit. He received many compliments on how cute, intelligent, and very well behaved he was. If they only knew...

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