Monday, October 20, 2008

Chester's Pumpkin Patch

he loved the pony ride

getting tired of the hayride

enjoyed the corn maze

what little boy doesn't love a great big pile of sand and a dump truck

wheelbarrow race with Daddy

Joe and I took some vacation time this week, so today we went to Chester's Pumpkin Patch in Piedmont (about 20 minutes from our house). There was alot to see and do for a reasonable price. Harrison loved the pony ride! He didn't want to stop. There was also a petting zoo with some goats, chickens, cows, horses, and rabbits. We bowled with pumpkins (Mommy got a strike). Daddy roped a steer with a little help from Harry. We took a hayride to the other side of the farm and walked through a corn maze. It was fun, not too long. Then Harrison played in a giant pile of sand with a bulldozer and a dumptruck. There was a pretty big slide that Daddy and Harry tumbled down. It was kinda fast, I have to admit I fell on my hiney a time or two. Next, Harry and Daddy had a little wheelbarrow race. Finally, we picked out some "sugar pie" pumpkins to take home. Gotta love beautiful weather and vacation days.

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